Alec was such a blessing to me and my family.  She helped us situate our home for our new puppies, provided so much knowledge & was patient with me.  She cares about the whole families happiness and is not judgmental at all.  She went above and beyond for me, she is much more then a trainer who teaches commands she has a certain healing energy about her & is able to calm the emotions and struggles for both the dogs & their human families.  Thank you Alec!

Deanna K., Valencia Ca.

Alec has a feel and innate understanding of dogs. She came to our home when our dog was 3 months old and gave us so much important information about housebreaking our pup, about crate-training, walking on the leash, interacting with other dogs, understanding and obeying commands. We still have the occasional call with her - our pup is now 11 months old and questions still come up. She is great about Skyping or calling and helping out and following up. Our little Miniature Dachshund is a very well mannered pup thanks to Alec!
J Rassell, Los Angeles, CA

Alec is amazing! I was referred to her by a friend and that was the best referral we could have gotten! My dog is a rescue which is a specialty of Alec's training. She took a gentle yet affirmative and (VERY EFFECTIVE approach) in my dogs training. We've used her for leash walk training, aggression across dogs, and overall corrective behaviors. All of her instructions are very simple to incorporate into your existing routine with a few tweaks, and within a few attempts you'll notice a very beneficial change in the dogs behavior. The dogs respond well to her calm and caring manner, and us human's value her feedback and insights. I have seen a tremendous improvement in my dogs since working with Alec. She takes the time to observe, process and effectively resolve whatever issue you are experiencing with your dog(s). I am incredibly thankful to have her as my trainer and would recommend her guidance and help to anyone. Thank you, Alec!!!

Lauren M. Los Angeles, CA

Let's see what others are barking about. 

Alec Torres- Certified Dog Trainer

Alec is the most caring and insightful trainer I have ever worked with!  She guided us from the very first step of deciding whether Theo was the right dog for us as a family, and then worked with us as we learned to understand him, and be better owners.  She had so many helpful tips to the many questions that come up when you're a dog owner!  Theo turned out to be the most perfect and well suited dog for us as a family!  Thank you Alec for the invaluable service you provide! I can wholeheartedly recommend "The Mannered Mutt" to anyone looking for a dog trainer!!

A. Power, Stevenson Ranch, CA

The Mannered Mutt  661-904-3835