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Private Sessions

My in person private sessions allows me the opportunity to see your dog in its most comfortable environment, your home. Many people prefer starting working with me this way so they feel comfortable that I fully understand their circumstance. This visit is typically around 1.5 hours in length, and we discuss anything and everything you wish to.  Sometimes depending on your preference, we focus on management strategies, and sometimes we jump right into a winning treatment plan but many times it’s a combination of both. Price: $125/ hour. The first session together is an assessment as well as a working session so it generally lasts 1.5 hours-2 hours. Subsequent sessions are typically 1 hour in length and spaced approximately 2 weeks apart. To inquire about setting up an in person private session please call or text me at 661-904-3835. Of course I’m also happy to discuss any questions you may have.

My virtual sessions are the most exciting area of my services currently. Due to Covid, I was forced to develop this communication method as well as create extensive visual material for people to refer to. Through virtual sessions, I’m able to help people quickly, effectively, and for the least amount of money. I like to keep it at a low price point to increase my accessibility, so I can help people I may have not been able to before. To date, hundreds of families are very happy with this service and have reviewed this specifically on several review platforms for you to refer to. Price: $1.50/ minute. To set up a virtual session please call or text me at 661-904-3835, and you will be contacted for further discussions and planning.