What is your educational background?  I am a graduate of The Animal Behavior College. I pride myself on staying current in the field of behavior studies, and am proud to have the title and certification to prove it.  Additionally, through my serious emersion in the dog rescue world for the last 20 years, I have attained many, many thousands of working hours which I am happy to apply to your dog! Also, I'm a complete dog nerd, I'm always reading new texts and trade papers to get my hands on the latest data and techniques.


‚ÄčI have done my best to answer my most asked questions, if you have any further ones, feel free to call me at 661-904-3835. I'm always happy to chat!

Alec Torres- Certified Dog Trainer

Why are you comfortable with difficult dogs?  Maybe comfortable isn't the right word, however I am very willing to work with them in an effort to save their lives, protect the people and animals in their lives, and help them feel happier. I find that most dogs that bite (tooth huggers is my preferred term) are desperately frightened and unhappy.  These two things can be addressed by the humans in their lives which makes it unnecessary for the dog to resort to violence.  I meet aggression with peace- ALWAYS!

Have questions? No problem, I have answers!

Why do you focus on rescue dogs?  I was fortunate to have been in dog rescue in Los Angeles when things were just getting started in the late 90's.  I worked along side and assisted many rescue groups and shelters with any issues at hand.  Although, I love all dogs,

I am most comfortable with rescue dogs because they are what I know.  I also draw strength from the magic of rescue because of it's driving force- LOVE!

The Mannered Mutt  661-904-3835

Why are your group classes limited?  Great Question! I don't have regularly scheduled group classes because I find it is an ineffective form of teaching humans and the animals. Also, I feel that in my business they are used as a "loss leader" designed to attract lots of people at a low cost and then up sell them to more expensive options.  That's just not my style.  I'm not in sales, I'm in helping people who are having a problem.  I prefer focusing on the issues at hand, solving them and moving on after a happy resolution has been found. To put it simply, I want to work hard for you and make myself obsolete so you don't need me!