​​In-Home Sessions

Offering the board and train option for busy families with complex cases.

​​Board and Train

Fun and informative sessions teach basic dog obedience and puppy training.
Are you wondering how to train a dog?All dogs are trainable at any age and at any degree of difficulty.
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Our Philosophy

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Private lessons allow customized problem solving    opportunities. 

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Rescue Dog Training Expert~Rescue Puppy Training Expert

Calm. Consistent. Effective. 

​​​Group Class

Welcome! Is your mutt driving you nuts? Don't worry, you've found the right place for the best rescue dog training possible!

Effective communication between a dog and its human is essential towards creating a relationship with mutual respect and understanding.  Light-hearted, fun and informative sessions allow for human and canine alike to receive and process more than just basic commands (heel, sit, stay, come). The Mannered Mutt’s all encompassing philosophy will make rescue dog training and rescue puppy training second nature to you.

"The Mannered Mutts training is very personalized. Regardless of your dogs behavior, Alec is happy to work with your dog. The training is gentle and respectful to the dogs."         
                                           ~S. Wagner   SCV Resident

AlecTorres- Certified Dog Trainer